Protect Your Information and Memories

Our history is on our computers

We tend to think about money when we consider inheritance but family photos are priceless. Where are photos of special family events, parties, holidays and the kids growing up? They’re all on our computers and if we aren’t careful, they could be lost forever.

There are many sad stories of photos being lost or being hard to get back. Click here to read the full story from The Daily Mail.

Click on the story to read it on The Daily Mail’s website

Our challenge:
The Computer Misuse Act 1990

Technology is ahead of law and policy on the Internet and with our computers. Our computers should need a password to use and even those of us that do not use the internet for banking or paying utility bills probably have an email account, share photos on Facebook and shop on-line. Photos are one of the most precious memories for family and friends and they are often lost forever after death.

The Law Society reports that only 25% of us have a Digital Will, which means that most of us do not. The Law Society also warns that an executor using a password or PIN to access an account after a death may be guilty of a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act which was passed in 1990. This is the same as an executor not being able to access a bank account of the deceased even if they have knowledge of the password. In most cases it is also against the Terms and Conditions of an account or service to give a password to someone else, especially an Executor.

Our solution: Simple, elegant and cheap

Our approach is wonderfully simple. We set up an online link to your digital content, and then on grant of probate or the invocation of Power of Attorney rights we share the link with your executor . You don’t give us the password – you keep it safe by adding it to your Expression of Wish (a private letter you can share with a solicitor, bank or Executor). We will you send you a template letter when you join us.

So when the time comes, whoever you have designated can ask for the link and access the photos and documents you wanted them to have a cherish.

It’s safe, secure and secret

We will only be able to share your chosen content as above. You can still have private files and photos which will pass with you that nobody else will ever see.

We can never read (or even see) your files.