These are the questions we get asked the most…

What’s the big idea?

We help you make sure that all your photos and documents are safely and easily shared with family and friends when the time is right.

Your link is protected and we don’t know the password so there’s no risk of your information leaking. It is impossible for us or anybody else to use your link without the password.

Which jurisdictions do you serve?

My Digital Legacy currently serves customers in England and Wales. Saying that, the concept and process will work Worldwide and we can provide our service to cutomers in over 30 different coutries.

What if I change my will or Executor?

No problem, nothing needs to change. We will share your link with the right person or people when the time is right.

Do you store passwords and PINS?

No we don’t.

It is an offence under The Computer Misuse Act 1990 for anyone to impersonate another online and this includes an Executor or anybody else using a password to access Facebook, email or any other of your accounts.

However, you can download a template here which you can use to record all your Internet account details. If you store it in your My Digital Legacy folder, all this account information will be available at the appropriate time.

Who should hold my password?

Any trusted party, but do not add it to your will. After death, a will is a public document and you don’t want your password to be public. In our opinion, we think it would be best to share the password with your executor or add it to your Expression of Wish.
You could even keep it somewhere safe at home. Just don’t give it to us!

Oops! I’ve lost my password

Our security means that a password can only work for a single link. We are happy to arrange an appointment when we will set up a new one with a new password free of charge.

Can I share different things with different people?


What about Privacy and GDPR? Why are they relevant?

We live in a data-driven world. Almost every transaction and interaction you have with most organisations involves you sharing personal data, such as your name, address and birth date. You share data online too, every time you visit a website, search for or buy something, use social media or send an email.

Sharing data helps make life easier, more convenient and connected. But your data is your data. It belongs to you so it’s important your data is used only in ways you would reasonably expect, and that it stays safe. Data protection law makes sure everyone’s data is used properly and legally.

You can read about The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) here and our Privacy Policy is here.

Is there any small print?

Of course there is. Here’s a link. to our Terms and Conditions and here’s a link to our Privacy Policy.

Couldn’t find an answer to your question?

We will be delighted to answer any questions that you might have. Contact us here.


My Digital Legacy offer amazing value for money. It’s great to know that the service is always up to date and that they regularly check in with me.

Anna, Chichester

My father’s use of his computer is really chaotic and he’s got lots of photos I don’t want to lose. My Digital Legacy have helped to organise him for the future.

Tom, Bristol